Working Master
- 主。動。音樂 -
Be Useful.



About Us

Working Master(WM) was founded in 1999 by renowned record producer Jim Lee. We use robust A&R principles to acquire and develop talents in order to produce unique and original music content. Our emphasis is on music/record production and related product licensing, concerts, A&R development and publishing. We have a talented and diverse multi-national roster of music producers/directors, musicians and singer/song to cater to virtually any need in the music industry both artistically and technically.

•WM owns the intellectual property rights to dozens of writers and composers of different languages and ethnicity covering a diversity of genres.

•Complete knowledge of music production and adaptability to all media platforms.

• WM has produced music for hundreds of top Chinese artists. A partial list includes Eason Chan, A-Mei, Sandy Lam, Karen Mok, Elva Hsiao, Leehom Wang, David Tao, Jane Zhang, Jolin Tsai, Kelly Chan, Coco Lee, Aaron Kwok, Freya Lim, MoMo Wu, etc.

• WM is also active in live concerts providing services in FOH mixing, sound Design, live recording, music directing and technical consulting. We have worked on some of the biggest acts in Asia such as Leehom Wang, A-Mei, David Tao, Eason Chan, AMIT, Jane Zhang, Anita Mui, Sandy Lam and Kelly Chan.

Key Personnel

  • 李玟萱 SHINE Lee


If you are interested in submitting your music or wanting to work with us in any way, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you have already sent us an inquiry but have not gotten a response, please contact us again as emails sometimes do get lost.